Meet Gabriela Demuru


Gabi is the genius behind many of our beautiful designs. From brand new collections to bespoke jewels for customers, she creates them all using Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Why is her role so important?


“People in their mind have an idea and being able to translate that idea or concept into a real picture or piece, gives me particular pleasure.”

Beauty and intimacy are just a couple of things that our customers expect from their jewellery. Gabi creates jewellery that fits their needs and desires.


Gabi’s advice on bespoke rings


When asking for a bespoke design, give as much information about what you like and want as possible. Including, the material, texture, finish and type of stone.

“The more information, the better picture a designer can paint of what you want.  I would allow a bit of freedom in some areas so there is a gap for surprise!”

The best thing about being a jewellery designer


I enjoy that those people will wear a piece I have created even without knowing that I was behind it!

I like the fact that jewellery is a lifetime piece and you are part of that beautiful process of keeping something old like a grandmother’s diamond.

Protect your jewellery for a lifetime


Our TLC promise includes, lifetime guarantee, complimentary engaging, insurance and refinishing! find out more here.