The ‘Created’ Collection – A New Way To Wear Diamonds

Our latest collection ‘Created’ is an extension to our award-winning Bloom Collection that utilises the very latest in jewellery making technology and techniques.

The new 22-piece jewellery collection of solitaire and trilogy rings along with exquisite matching earring & pendant sets feature laboratory-grown diamonds. Every piece is handcrafted in the UK and available in a choice of platinum and white, yellow or rose 18ct golds.

Every exquisite diamond is hand-set into our signature ‘Bloom’ setting with delicate petal details and the finest talon claws. The whole collection is available with round brilliant, oval and emerald cut diamonds. The definition of timeless style.

With lab-grown, the world of diamonds has changed forever!

Is A Lab Grown Diamond A Real Diamond?

The simple answer is yes!

A diamond that is grown in a lab is as real as a diamond mined from the earth with exactly the same chemical make-up and characteristics. They are identical in every way to mined diamonds, with the same physical and optical properties. Lab-grown diamonds provide you with the same timeless sparkle, the only difference being that they were grown in a lab and not mined from the earth.

Why Choose A Lab Grown Diamond Over A Mined Diamond

Mined diamonds are incredibly rare and this is reflected in their price and availability. The bigger and better the diamond, the rarer.

Lab-grown diamonds are created rather than mined so are not a limited finite resource. That said, they are still grown as ‘rough’ diamonds and have to be treated in exactly the same way which includes cutting, polishing and grading.

However, because they are made by science rather than nature, we can be much more selective in the diamonds we choose and offer an incredible value for money alternative to the traditional mined choice. 

The diamonds in the ‘Created Collection’ are as-grown meaning there are no additional processes used to alter their appearance, they are truly an equivalent to the very best natural diamonds money can buy.

And because their availability is not as limited as mined diamonds, upgrading quality and size becomes much more cost effective. As a rule, our lab-grown diamonds are around double the size of their mined equivalent for the same investment!

Our ‘Created’ lab-grown diamonds are supplied in D-F colour and VS clarity as standard. Each is hand selected for its incredible cut and polish and is supplied with a certificate of authentication.

Handcrafted For A Lifetime

Every piece of Brown & Newirth jewellery is handcrafted by our talented artisans to the very highest standards, using only the very best materials. This is to ensure that you can always buy with confidence when buying a piece of Brown & Newirth jewellery and feel confident it will last a lifetime.

Every piece of Brown & Newirth jewellery is supplied with our Tender Loving Care pack. This includes a lifetime guarantee along with complimentary refinishing and sizing to keep your cherished jewellery looking its best.

More To Come From ‘Created’

This is only the beginning for ‘Created’ with more exciting designs in the pipeline.

Keep an eye on as well as all our socials to make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

Until then, take a look at the collection here.


Check out the brand new 22-piece ‘created’ collection by Brown & Newirth featuring lab-grown diamonds – welcome to the future!