Valentines Day is approaching and the classic dinner date somewhere really jazzy with overpriced cocktails isn’t for everyone! If you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve got you.

Extroverted Couples:

If you and your other half are the life and soul of the party, why not host one. Have everyone you love round for dinner or book a big table at a restaurant full of love that all your single friends can get involved with too.

Grander gestures of appreciation favour this couple, flashy and bold pendants, earrings and bracelets will be well received!

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Introverted Couples:

Does the idea of a valentines party make your skin crawl? Have a film binge night if you’re both into a series, see how many Harry Potters and cheese boards you can get through in one sitting.

Smaller and more thoughtful gifts favour introverts. A birthstone piece, bespoke jewellery or small, simple and sleek pendants that go with everything are great. To really get away and be in romantic solitude, a stay in a Shepards hut or clamping cabin could be perfect,

Creative Couples:

Get out the paints and the pens, why not try to draw each other? Or go to an in-person life-drawing or painting class. Many also let you bring a bottle of wine. You could go full Bob Ross and order some canvases and oil paints online and get one of his wonderful tutorials up on YouTube.

You could also get creative gift-wise with a poem or really unique bespoke piece of delicate jewellery.


Try something brand new or get out some vintage games. You can order dance mats, Nintendo Wii’s and Mario Kart relatively cheaply from eBay so why not have a gaming night. If video games aren’t your cup of tea then have a tournament of all the board games you have in the house.

We’ve had orders for custom rings from people with all kinds of passions – if you can think it, we can make it.


If you’re both connoisseurs of the finer things in life why not book ahead and go for an extravagant tasting menu with multiple courses. A wine, gin or whisky tasting may be right up your street if you love a tipple or just want to learn more about what you’re buying. You can get great vouchers online for local experiences on Groupon and Wowcher.

If you’re much more into quantity over quality, why not make yourself some good old British tapas of the holy grail that is the ‘picky tea’. Wanting to propose over a home-cooked dinner or out fine dining? Order a sample ring and let your Fiancé pick the final one – just don’t hide it IN the food.

Propose With A Sample Ring

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The music-lovers:

Find a gig to go to together by a band you’ve never heard of or a genre you’d never usually listen to. You could find your next joint passion from a jazz ensemble or brand new energy for a rock concert! Try using the app Dice for smaller venue tickets or ticket master and Resident Advisor to find larger events.

When thinking about gifting you can even get your favourite chorus engraved onto a bespoke ring as a waveform. Find out more here.

Long Distance Couples:

Order each other a takeaway! A great way to try something new or to see how well you really know their tastes. You could also participate in virtual experiences from magic to wine tasting and comedy all from the comfort of your own home with Design My Night.

High-School Sweethearts:

Long-standing couples have even more wonderful memories to look back on and cherish together. You could recreate one of your first dates or favourite meals together, build a scrapbook or memory jar with your favourite moments or sit and collate your favourite photos to get printed and hang around the house.

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The Travel-Hungry Couples:

Are you connected through your love for travel and experiencing new cultures, cuisine and adventure? Surprise your other half by whipping them away to a brand new land searching for an impromptu destination.

You don’t have to get on the next flight but can find incredibly unique experiences through Canopy and Stars or a lavish weekend in a Crazy Bear hotel. Staying in the next town along or finding a quirky AirBnB will still be something different in itself.

The Low-Maintenance Couple:

Do you prefer the simple pleasures? Try cook each other a dish, hand-pick a few flowers or have your favourite breakfast for dinner. Nobody ever said waffles and ice-cream couldn’t be consumed at 7pm. Ordering in your favourites or going on a walk a new route could be just enough to change up the evening.

The Couple That Make Others Believe in Soulmates:

Valentines day is popular for proposals for a reason. What better time to ask for your other half’s hand in marriage than a day dedicated to love? You can find all the do’s and don’ts of proposing, our guide to ring sizing and many more proposal ideas on our blog.

Propose With A Sample Ring

Order up to three sample rings to try on from home with your deposit returned as soon as you’ve chosen the one for you and free posted your samples back.