At Brown & Newirth, we are known for making wedding proposals simpler, less stressful and more romantic for our customers. How? with our unique ‘Concierge service,’ which allows our customers to try sample rings from home free of charge.

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Take advantage of our complimentary service when you propose

When proposing to your special person, you want it to be romantic and memorable, but what if they don’t like the ring?

Take the pressure of choosing the perfect ring off your shoulders and use a sample ring on us.

Complete the perfect proposal with a ring shopping trip together as fiancées!


Sample rings are a synthetic representation of our rings. Once you have fallen in love with a design return the samples for free and we will handcraft the real thing to order.

Simply click ‘Try before you buy’ on the product page before adding to cart. For more information and to shop our collections with ‘Concierge,’ click here

Order your sample rings today!

Order up to three rings to try on from home completely free of charge – simply select ‘try before you buy’ on the product page to add to your cart!

Here are some of our favourite proposal ideas:

Take them to great heights!

A rooftop, mountain-top or sunrise hike will make the moment extra memorable. Have them pose for a photo facing away from you or take one of the scenery so when they turn to face you, the ring is presented.

Let them find the message

Create a scavenger hunt with the final clue leading back to yourself, on a bookmark or run a magazine or newspaper ad.

Their favourite location

Taking them on a trip to their favourite spot whether that’s the beach, a certain park or walk will keep suspicions low when you do turn around to pop the question.

Use your creative flair

There are many online tools you can use to create your story or even go DIY-style with a scrapbook, ending on the question.

Spell it out

Spell it out in scrabble letters, flowers, a letter or even huge light up lettering if you’re worried you’ll be lost for words yourself.

Say it with food

Now we’re not saying put the ring IN the food, this could be a literal recipe for a chipped tooth or ring!

But why not set out a romantic picnic or take your partner out to a beautifully set restaurant and give the gift of diamonds for the worlds sweetest dessert!

Keep it simple

Some people are by nature more private so a romantic dinner and movie night at home or simply asking in the kitchen will be the perfect gesture for them.


See our article on the things you should consider before proposing here and how to find your partners ring size here.

All samples ordered through concierge come in the most commonly ordered size so you can’t go too far wrong!