Valentine’s Day is fast approaching; one of the most popular days of the year to propose!


Turning fleeting moments into lasting memories is what we do best at Brown & Newirth and have done for over 50 years so we know a thing or two about making the commitment of a lifetime with a marriage proposal.


Here are our top 10 Do’s and Don’ts to consider before popping the question:


1. Don’t propose without a ring

Whilst emotions can suddenly take over and an in-the-moment proposal feels like the perfect idea, do make the time to think, plan and get a ring. The investment and time taken to choose thoughtfully is a sign of commitment in itself.


2. Do find the right ring

Wearing an engagement ring is a lifelong commitment, so ensure it’s the right one! Consult with a professional on the different styles or even propose with a ‘Temporary’ ring and allow your fiance to choose their own. You can order samples to try on from home for free.

3. Don’t rely on pets or young children

Pets and young children can be unpredictable and we’ve heard many tales of a ring attached to the collar of a dog that keeps running into another room.

A ring presented from a box is about as romantic as it gets.


4. Do make sure the ring is insured

Every single Brown & Newirth ring comes with 1 year’s free insurance against theft or accidental damage to make sure you’re covered up to that precious moment of commitment.


5. Don’t share your plans

The perfect opportunity to pop the question may not come as soon as you’ve planned and humans are notoriously bad for keeping secrets for too long, unless you’re going a more traditional route and wish to ask for your future fiance’s parents’ blessing.


6. Do be romantic

Times have changed but there’s still something charming and romantic about setting the scene or dropping to one knee to propose if you can. For the added element of surprise as your other half to turn round to find a gift or take a picture of the scenery and have a ring presented as they turn back.

7. Don’t guess their answer

It may seem obvious but do make sure you’ve brought up marriage before and it’s something you both dearly want. If you want to drop the hint without it coming across as a proposal you could bring up a friend’s engagement to talk around the topic.


8. Do plan what you’re going to say

In times of excitement and nervousness we can easily forget our train of thought and having some truly thoughtful words to express how you feel about wanting to commit to a lifetime together goes a long way to make the moment memorable.


9. Don’t neglect the how and where

This story is going to be re-told A LOT so make sure it’s a story worth retelling. Despite 45% of people believing there is pressure to propose in an extravagant way, 30% of proposals take place somewhere private, where you can both feel comfortable ( 


10. Do enjoy the moment!

A proposal is one of the most precious memories you and your other half will hold together!

Have any more questions? Speak to an expert!

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