In our series of proposal inspiration we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage outdoors.

From parks to peaks and sea to snow, these ideas are for those that want to harness the beauty of nature as their backdrop.

Here are 10 proposal ideas for nature lovers:


1. Write a message in the sand on a beach and go to a clifftop

You don’t need to be anywhere exotic, the British coast could be just as romantic if you can find a secluded spot at sunrise or sunset. A holiday proposal at the end of a week in the sun could really leave a lasting memory however!

2. Walk, run, or bike the question if possible or take a heart-shaped walk then ask

Use Strava or AllTrails to map out a heart-shaped walk to take with your partner or if you’re feeling super creative find a way to write ‘will you marry me’ with your route and walk, bike or run it before showing your route to your other half. You could even print and frame it!

3. Go on a walk and propose on a hill summit

Whilst at the top you can ask your partner to take a photo of the scenery or offer to take a picture of them staring out over a clifftop then have the ring out when they turn around to propose.

4. Take a hot air balloon

Sunrise or sunset would make this trip extra special!

5. Propose in a flower field or lavender farm

There are so many beautiful spots across the UK from the heathers across the North York Moors to the sunflower fields of Surrey.

6. Ask your partner on the ski slopes

Love to ski or snowboard? Take a gondola to the highest point or go off-pi

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7. Go deep into the forest and ask when they least expect it

For ultimate privacy, go off the beaten path into the woodlands.

8. Take them horse riding

Get the adrenaline going with a gallop down the beach or have a romantic stroll through a national park with a private guide. The photos will be truly worth it.

9. Camping under the stars

A romantic minimalist weekend away camping or glamping, ask by the campfire or on a stargazing walk.

10. Write it in the snow and ask them to look out the window or from a vantage point

If you’re asking in the alps or in winter, write your message in the snow and show your partner out of a window or from a ski lift.

Enjoy the moment, take photos for mementos and cherish each other!

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