Diamond rings that change and adapt with you


Diamonds are great and all, super hard, super precious, super rare and all sparkly and glittery. The only real problem is that they’re not very good at expanding and contracting, unlike precious metals which we can push, pull, cut and weld into different sizes in our workshop.


And that is a problem because our hands change as much as we do, in fact at Brown & Newirth we size thousands of rings every year. It’s a problem that often leads to customers being put off their dream fully set diamond eternity ring as we jewellers say you’ll never be able to size them!


Fear not though as there’s an evolution coming….


Our design department have been busy bees working at their laptops and benches day and night (ok not overnight but a lot!) on developing a solution for this seemingly simple challenge; how do we make a fully set diamond ring that adapts to the wearer? The solution; Evolution.


The unique new design (patent pending) available in three carat weights, features three ergonomically designed, pre-loaded spring bars, housed seamlessly and discretely around the lining of the ring. These hand-finished bars allow up to 4 finger size changes for the wearer.


Evolution is available in 1ct, 1.5ct and 2ct versions in platinum and 18ct gold in white, yellow & rose.

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7 reasons to join the evolution


  1. Hourglass fingers with curvy knuckles and slim bases
  2. This pesky British weather has our hands (and the rest of us) up and down and all over the place
  3. Exercise and pregnancy have our fingers changing size as often as the government changes foreign travel advice
  4. Injury and chronic illness such as arthritis can stop traditional rings fitting properly
  5. Our hands (and faces!) never stop growing, ever!
  6. They are lined with cool ergonomic springy things that adapt to the wearers fingers
  7. Did we mention the cool ergonomic springy things???
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Available to order to try on from home completely free of charge, simple click ‘try before you buy’ on the product page.