Have you heard about the Evolution collection? The range of rings that are designed to evolve around a person’s finger and create a ring that can be worn for a lifetime? 

It is normal for a person’s  fingers to change throughout their lifetime. This can be due to arthritis, pregnancy, injury, hourglass fingers or just because you have to put up with the British weather on a regular basis. However, a change like this can sometimes mean that a person’s favourite ring can no longer fit on their  finger. 

This shouldn’t be the case! And it won’t be, not now the Evolution collection is around!

Take a look below to find out how this collection could be your saving grace.

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What Is The Evolution Collection?

The Evolution collection is available in 1ct, 1.5ct and 2ct versions in platinum and 18ct gold in white, yellow & rose.

Due to their three ergonomically designed, pre-loaded spring bars, housed seamlessly and discretely around the inside, these unique rings are able to evolve with you and your fingers rather than becoming the new dust collector in the drawer.

These hand-finished bars allow up to 4 finger size changes for the wearer so no matter how the wearer’s hand changes, an Evolution ring will be able to change with them, taking away the discomfort and replacing it with a lifetime of love and style.

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Why The Evolution Collection Could Be Your Saving Grace?

  • They are perfect for someone who experiences arthritis
  • Exercise and pregnancy have our fingers changing size as often as the British weather 
  • Our hands (and faces!) never stop growing, ever!
  • They are lined with cool ergonomic springy things that adapt to the wearers fingers
  • Did we mention the cool ergonomic springy things???

Click HERE to check out these remarkable rings and join the (r)evolution!


An Evolution ring will grow in sync with the wearer’s love & last for a lifetime with their spring bars, housed seamlessly and discretely within the ring.