wedding rings

Here is a list of creative and unique ways to ask for the lifelong commitment of marriage from your other half.

Whether one of you works or has passions in the arts or you want to create a truly memorable day and have a fantastic tale to re-tell, here are 10 creative proposal ideas:

1. Take an art class

When you’re done, turn around your canvas to reveal the big question. If painting isn’t your thing, hire an artist or caricature professional to paint or draw your proposal before asking.

2. Recruit the kids

If you have children, ask them to make a banner or you could also dress a child in a t-shirt with the proposal on (or pet, we’re not judging).

3. Photo album

Create a scrapbook of memories up to that point with plenty of space left to fill with your married life memories.

4. Read their fortune

Make an extravagant asian dinner and finish with fortune cookies with ‘will you marry me’ in your partners., you can buy these from Not On The Highstreet. 

5. Say it with chocolate

If it’s near Easter – why not have the ring cast in a chocolate egg?

Try Before You Buy

Order up to three rings to try on from the comfort of your own work or home, free of charge.

6. Solve the puzzle

Create a puzzle such as a jigsaw they have to solve to see the question of you asking them to be your missing piece

7. Use technology

Create a website filled with memories that leads them to the proposal and send them a link, domains and sites can be bought and built very easily on

8. Ask in a book

If your partner is a reading fan, hollow out a classic and put the ring inside or you could even self-publish your love story.

9. Make a home-movie

Have all your loved ones friends and family take short clips before going to yourself or have a videographer or cartoonist create a trailer if a rom-com were to be made from your life, ending on the proposal.

10. Sing it

Write your partner a song to express your feelings or a poem for the tone-deaf amongst us will still be just a romantic.

But most importantly: enjoy it! Turn your fleeting moments into lasting memories.

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