Christmas is the most popular day of the year to propose before Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day!

With the festive decor, loved ones around, cosy fires and the spirit of giving, it’s a romantic time of the year and a great opportunity to pop the question.

Here are twelve romantic yet memorable ideas if you’re planning a Christmas proposal:


1. Advent Calendar

Create your own advent calendar of gifts and treats or if you’re super sneaky and good with a glue gun, deconstruct an advent calendar to include the ring under the final door.


2. Christmas Tree Decoration

Putting up the Christmas decorations together is the marker of the start of the festivities. Have a bauble or festive decoration made with ‘Will You Marry Me’ across the side.


3. Promise Ring Proposal

Would your other half rather choose their own ring? Propose with a sample ring and let them choose the final purchase. You can order up to three sample rings to give your fiancé the choice of a lifetime.


4. Christmas Treasure Hunt

This is a great one for those that love a puzzle. If you want to deflect any suspicions you could do a scavenger hunt for everyone’s gifts but make sure to put an extra few clues out for your fiancé-to-be so you don’t miss them reaching the final clue.

5. Message in the Snow

Of course, weather dependent, write your message in the snow (or leaves) outside and have your other half look out from a vantage point before turning around to be presented with a ring.


6. Personalised Card

If you’re worried the words just won’t come out as you intent them to, pre-write it all in a personalised card. An inexpensive way to ensure you don’t trip over all the wonderful things you have to say about your other half.


7. Ski Trip Proposal

What could be more romantic and unexpected than a proposal on the slopes? Make sure your ring is signed up with TLC for 1 year’s free insurance if you’re taking it abroad or propose with a sample ring just in case it gets lost in the powder in all the excitement.


8. Winter Walk

Do you want to ask away from the glowering eyes of your in-laws-to-be? Take a festive walk, bonus points for a scenic spot!


9. Christmas Cracker Proposal

Make your own crackers just ensure they pull the right one and if the other puller wins, they know to pass the ‘joke’ slip over.

10. Christmas Gift Box Proposal

Order three sample rings and simply wrap the box they came in to give the gift of choice or gift wrap the samples in another box. Each sample comes in a drawstring bag rather than a ring box – the perfect red herring!


11. Christmas Film Proposal

Set the scene, the mulled wine, snacks at the ready and start playing their favourite Christmas film. BUT there’s a twist. Ten to Fifteen minutes in you’ve recorded over it or edited in another scene. You could clip the words ‘Will You Marry Me’ from various films or record yourself talking directly to camera.


12. Christmas Tree Proposal

A classic and low-key moment, just when they think all the presents have been opened, let them know there’s just one more hidden right at the back, in the tree itself or present the ring box directly.


We wish you all the best with your Christmas Proposal, if you want any extra pointers, take a look at our 10 Dos and Don’ts for the perfect proposal.

Do you want to know how to get your other half’s ring size without them knowing? See our blog here on ring sizing or if you’re ordering a sample, they come in the most commonly ordered sizes so you can’t go too far wrong.