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10 Wedding Trends for 2022

This year is set to be the biggest on record for numbers of weddings since 1984 with 2.6 million already booked in the U.S. alone! The last two years has completely reshaped weddings but will the trends of last years small and intimate, sustainable and rustic weddings continue through this year?

Here are the top 10 trends according to Hitched, Vogue and wedding planner research:

1. Themed Weddings

People are finally free and weddings are going to be more fun this year than ever before.

“We’ve gotten so many requests for “themed” weddings or welcome parties—think Monte Cristo, disco nights, Old Hollywood. These are just a few. It feels like clients want an entire concept from start to finish, but executed in a way that doesn’t feel trite but rather modern and fun. We have actually really loved this and welcomed any non-traditional viewpoints on celebration.” -Francie Dorman and Britt Cole, 42 North

2. Big Blow-Out Weddings

Some couples have waited over three years to finally set the date so are scaling up and going all out from huge frocks, big diamonds and lavish ceremonies.

Expect to see far more weddings with no expense spared.

“As much as we loved the intimacy of 2020 weddings, couples are ready to go big. We’ve already seen guest counts increase by a lot.” -Stefanie Cove

3. Weddings Abroad

Travel restrictions have put a damper on not just many couple’s dreams of the picture-perfect sunset beach wedding but family holidays, friend’s trips and connections.

Weddings abroad present the perfect opportunity for the full family and friends to finally get on holiday and spend some quality time together.

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4. Long Wedding Weekends

If the full wedding-abroad is a bit much we’re still seeing trends of wedding celebrations lasting far longer than the ceremony day.

“Our clients want to stretch their wedding weekend out with different kinds of events throughout three to four days, from a large welcome party, a rehearsal dinner, and something active to do during the day. And why not end your wedding weekend with a ‘detox to retox’ event or a day party to send your guests off?” -Bryan Rafanelli

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5. Open-Air Tents

This is the big one that’s stayed with us, we’re less used to crowded and enclosed environments so for the safety conscious couples, outdoor and open-air ceremonies and celebrations are becoming more commonplace.

6. Bridgerton Inspired Weddings

eBay has reported a 205% rise in searches for ‘puff sleeved wedding dress’ as inspired by Daphne, Lady Whistledown and co, so don’t delay in finding your gown.

Filmed in gorgeous Yorkshire at Castle Howard, castle venues are booking out quick and quintessential British cottage core is a go-to decor scheme this year.

7. Sustainable Dress Shopping

14% of Hitched Brides reported they’d be considering renting a dress. A sustainable option for both your wallet and the planet, Carrie Symonds reportedly rented her £2,870 wedding dress for just £45 when she married Boris Johnson. By Rotation and Hurt are great for both bridal and wedding guest dress rental, leaving more money to spend on the ceremony itself.

Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Presenting your wedding rings to one another is not only an important part of the ceremony but they are the only thing that  you will carry with you and wear for the rest of your life. It’s therefore important to make an informed choice that suits you and your other half as perfectly as they fit.

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8. Sober-Curious Weddings

Weddings are notorious for drinking incidents but with record numbers signed up to this year’s dry January or giving booze the boot altogether, alcohol-free options will become more commonplace.

However, half of Hitched users said they wouldn’t be happy to attend a wedding without any alcohol completely!

9. Vegan Dining Options

Health-conscious guests aren’t just abstaining from alcohol; many people have changed to vegetarian or vegan diets during lockdown and we’ll see these dietary lifestyles out in force at weddings in 2022.

Bubble Food’s Executive Chef Director Jens says: “We have seen a rise in vegan and vegetarian weddings – this summer we have a wedding booked for 230 people with a pure vegan menu.”

10. Virtual Save-The-Dates

This came up a lot in our research! Saving on wedding stationary, despite being more sustainable you can get an instant RSVP. This doesn’t mean forfeiting the delicate detailing and personalisation of traditional invitations.

You can hire Graphic Designers on UpWork, Bark and Fiverr to carefully craft your bespoke invitation.

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