2020 was the year nobody could’ve predicted but as times change, so do trends including for engagement rings! With some styles standing the test of time there are some new additions to the running this year.

The top eight trends we’re seeing for 2021 in terms of popularity towards the end of 2020 and predicted by wedding and jewellery fashion titans are:

1. The classic solitaire


Simple and timeless – the single stone is the star of the show and we can’t see this style ever going out of fashion. Available in multiple sizes, diamond shapes and precious metals, a really versatile option that’s stood the test of time.

2. Three stone rings


A cluster of three diamonds with a larger centre piece is growing in popularity for those who think that just one stone is never enough! The three diamonds represent the love that has been shared, the love that endures and the love yet to come. A romantic and thoughtful symbol of the past, present and future.

3. Halo


The halo is a design with smaller accent stones set clustered to frame a larger focal diamond. A halo works around pretty much any shape centre diamond with pear, oval and emerald cut centres increasingly favoured.

4. Coloured stones


While diamonds are always the most popular choice, deep sapphires are gaining traction in ever popular traditional designs such as the Aspen.

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5. Stackable wedding & engagement rings


Rings that fit together as seamlessly as the couple are not just more comfortable to wear but can also make a statement. Wishbone shapes that sit perfectly underneath the chosen stone or a simple bow with an indent the exact fit to your engagement ring – we have it all.

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6. Vintage style


Throwback Thursday – every day of the week. Fashion repeats itself and jewellery style is no different, vintage styles are back in as we launched the Daisy collection in 2020 with a corresponding vintage collection.

7. Square diamonds


A quick poll on our Instagram stories showed that nearly half of our followers actually prefer a square cut to a round brilliant diamond! A modern twist on the classic solitaire with more angles for catching the light across the room.

8. Rose gold


Rose gold the ever stylish trend that lives on! One of the most-coveted shades, considered the most romantic shade of jewellery and much rarer than other types of gold as it’s not naturally occurring.

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