In November 2017, Harry & Meghan announced the biggest engagement of the year in front of the worlds press sealed with kiss for the cameras and a stunning three stone ring which Harry himself had commissioned to be specially made in part, from his late mother Princess Diana’s ring. The three-stone design in 18ct yellow gold featured a gorgeous cushion cut diamond sitting proud and centre. The diamond was sourced from Botswana in memory of their time spent there on charity work, work that they both say was a common interest that brought them closer together. Since then, it seems barely a day goes by without another celebrity engagement and another fancy cut diamond.

For a long time, the most popular choice of centre diamond for an engagement ring has been the round or ‘brilliant cut’ diamond as its widely known due to its brilliance or to most of us, sparkle. And it’s not hard to see why; it’s a timeless classic, the round shape suits just about anyone and of course, it has that all important eye-catching sparkle! A diamond’s sparkle comes from light entering through the flat top known as a table reflecting on the facets, the small flat, triangular (on a brilliant cut) surfaces all over the underside of the stone that act like mirrors then popping that light back to our mesmerised eyes.

There have been other popular choices throughout history; the Victorians favoured the cropped rectangular shaped diamond know as an ‘emerald cut’ (not to be confused with emerald; the precious green stone) The emerald has very linear facets so therefore as a rule, less sparkle but due to its minimal, uncluttered design, has an ice like quality and a totally unique beauty. A good emerald cut diamond feels like looking into a window through history, natural diamonds take nearly a million years to form under the ground and looking into a crystal-clear emerald evokes feelings of wonder about that journey through time.

Then there are ‘cushion cuts’ (round sided square) ‘princess’ (square) ‘ovals’ (well, oval) and ‘pears’ (you guessed it!) and ‘hearts’ and many more that have each enjoyed popularity at differing times and places in history. As a rule of thumb; more rounded diamonds (think brilliant, oval and pear) tend to offer more sparkle whilst straighter stones (think emerald, baguette, princess) tend to have more of these ice like qualities.

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner said yes to pop star Joe Jonas when presented with this magical pear cut diamond ring

Recently there has been an ever-increasing trend in engagement rings for something different, for proposers and proposees to demonstrate a little personality or to have something a little more unique when selecting the perfect ring for the big question. As always seems to be the case, celebrities have been the first to pick up on this trend and over the past year we’ve seen fancy cut diamonds decorate the fingers of our favourite royals, actors, singers and reality TV stars.

Reality TV star and DJ Paris Hilton & rapper Cardi B both said ‘Yes!’ to pear cut halos


Who knew Deadpool had such good taste? Blake Lively with this jaw dropping oval chosen by Ryan Reynolds

At Brown & Newirth we too have seen an increase in demand for different types of diamond cuts through our bespoke ‘Design Club’ department. In response, this February we added to our gorgeous ‘Bloom’ halo collections with a range fancy cut versions in our favourite cushion, oval, emerald and pear designs each available with plain or diamond-set shoulders. The fine halo of small diamonds set into intricate claws that frame the main stone gives real pop to the overall look and shows off those gorgeous, unique shaped diamonds that will have everyone talking.

If you really want to be envy of all, why not go for something really unique and introduce a bit of gorgeous warm rose or yellow gold in the mix. We’ve experimented with all rose, rose with a white setting and the ever so daring, striking yet endlessly wearable white with rose setting.

Whatever your diamond shape and metal preference, the ‘Bloom’ collection is sure to make you capture the imagination….now all you need to do is convince him! Start your Fleeting Moment, Lasting Memory by following us on Facebook or Instagram and liking your perfect styles. Subtlety not your thing? You could even tag him in!