Couldn’t have put it better myself Mariah! But where to start…

Years of searching, disastrous first dates, introductions by friends to ‘someone who is perfect for you’ only to realise they are everything but, we’ve all been there. But then, that special someone walks into your life and everything changes. The nervous flutter of the heart when you see them, the finishing of each other’s sentences, the favourite restaurants and the nights curled up in front of the TV with a blanket and a tub of ice cream. Nothing is quite the same without them, food doesn’t taste quite as good, laughs don’t last so long, they’re your other half, they complete you, they are ‘The One’.

You want this feeling forever, you want to build a home together, a life! So, what next? The perfect proposal, that’s what!
Roaring fires, cosy nights and the sparkle of the festive season, Christmas is proving an ever more romantic time to ask the smallest yet biggest question of your life…”Will you?”

Do you know we actually have the Pope to thank for the tradition of an engagement ring? In 1214, Pope Innocent III decided that it would be sensible for couples to comply with a waiting period in which they each wore a ring to signify their commitment to each other. At the end of the waiting period they were then permitted to enter into the legal and spiritual contract of marriage, sensible romance at its best there!

So, you’ve decided to take the leap. First, you need a ring.

You may have picked up on some hints (subtle or otherwise!) or you may know exactly what you want. Brown & Newirth stockists can help you here, we can show you a range of designs and styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Our in-store teams have all the training, knowledge and experience to make the selection process as easy and stress-free as possible. An engagement ring is a substantial investment with proposers often spending over a month’s salary on this single purchase so, it’s important to get it right!

Diamonds are still the perfect choice with 9 in 10 brides preferring this most precious of natural stones. A diamond has to be seen, you can’t choose off a menu, this isn’t a Friday night takeaway! Every single diamond is totally unique, in fact like a snowflake no two are the same, each with its own fire, glow and sparkle. You may have heard of the four C’s which provide a great guideline however, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nothing beats selecting the diamond that you love. Plus, what’s more romantic than a ring that you selected?

The classic round brilliant cut solitaire is still one of the most popular choices, big on sparkle and timeless in design, you can see why it’s the perfect choice for so many couples. Our beautiful Orchid engagement ring is just one of our stunning range of solitaires. Symbolizing love, beauty and fertility, this classically elegant four claw diamond solitaire is set in a unique ‘compass’ setting and will never go out of fashion.

Forever and Embrace from our Inseparable Collection are big on sparkle with show-stopping centre stones set in beautiful entwined settings.

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Whilst in-store look out for our seasonal ‘ Will you?’ Christmas tree proposal baubles – a perfect festive proposal idea!

Each of our rings are handmade by craftsmen in our Hertfordshire studios, we would recommend you start looking at least four weeks before Christmas to ensure you have your rings in good time for Christmas as we may have to remount that perfect diamond in a different precious metal (we use white, yellow and rose golds in addition to the most popular, and rare platinum) or size the ring to the perfect fit.

From Solitaire to Three Stone, Princess Cut to Marquis there really is a Brown & Newirth ring for every personality, style and love.
Make this your most exciting Christmas ever – let Brown & Newirth help write your Christmas love story.