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Lifetime Guarantee

Although precious metals and gems are resistant to damage, they nevertheless need regular maintenance. Your ring will remain spotless for the duration of its life with routine cleaning and maintenance.

All Brown & Newirth jewellery comes with a lifetime guarantee for absolute peace of mind. Our TLC aftercare package ensures you can keep your jewellery looking its very best.


Your jewellery needs love too

During everyday wear, jewellery and especially rings are naturally exposed to knocks, bangs, scratches and all kinds of chemicals from hand wash to perfume. A bit of care and attention will go a long way to keeping your jewellery looking its very best.


Keep it clean!

A regular clean and check of your jewellery will help prevent any major incidents and you can do this yourself. Use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to clean daily and make sure you give it a visual check over every week.


Keep it REALLY clean!

There are also lots of great jewellery cleaning products available specifically for brightening up your treasured piece. These can make your metals shine and diamond sparkle for a small cost and little effort. Speak to your jeweller for specific recommendations.


Trust your jeweller

We recommend taking your jewellery to a jewellery professional at least once a year for a deep clean and for a comprehensive to check for any potential issues before they happen. Jewellers have the tools and knowledge to see potential issues and can organise remedial action before the problem happens.

Ring Size Guide

This printable ring sizer is the ideal tool to use if you need to quickly determine the ring size. Simply print out the chart, align the inside of an existing ring with the circle that is closest in size, and place it over the circles. Use the larger circle size if the ring falls between two sizes. A ring size chart with exact diameter measurements and matching ring sizes, as well as international ring sizes, is also included in our printed guide. You can instantly determine the correct size using our online ring sizer.


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The 'not so small print'

Our lifetime guarantee covers against all material and manufacturing defects. During the warranty period you will have the right to have any defects repaired free of charge. If we are unable to repair, we reserve the right to replace it with an identical or similar ring. This warranty does not cover wear, tear, and ageing. You can keep your jewellery looking its best by following our jewellery care guide. Accidental damage, lack of care or negligence are not covered by this guarantee although you may be able to claim through Brown & Newirth Protect (please contact the underwriter who will assess on a case-by-case basis). Brown & Newirth Protect is underwritten by Affinity Brokers Limited. Brown & Newirth Tender Loving Care benefits are only valid if your purchase is registered. You can do this online here. Brown & Newirth Tender Loving Care benefits are provided free of charge. Charges for secure postage may be applicable, speak to your retailer for further information. We promise to respect your privacy and we will not give out your details to any third party. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

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