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Our Guide to Palladium

Our Guide to Palladium

Palladium is a precious white metal that is part of the Platinum Group Metal family known as 'noble' metals. It was discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. It's rarity gives it an aspect of luxury and purity that makes it an ideal metal for your chosen piece of Brown & Newirth jewellery.


Palladium is similar in price per gram to 14ct white gold, however because it is much lighter in weight, the unit cost of a Palladium ring will be cheaper.


Palladium is strong and durable, making it ideal to hold the most precious gemstones. It can be worked on and sized as with any other precious metal.


Palladium is easy to maintain as it is naturally white from the earth so it will never change in colour or tarnish.

  Palladium and platinum are found together in very limited regions of the world.
  Unlike white gold, Palladium does not need to be rhodium coated.
  Palladium is 40% lighter than platinum.
  The vast majority of Brown & Newirth rings are available in Palladium.

   Introducing the Palladium Hallmark...

  • Offically recognised by UK Assay Offices from January 2010 as a
    precious metal, it is now a legal requirement for all palladium
    jewellery to be hallmarked.

  • The symbol for Palladium is the Pallas Athene, the Greek
    Goddess of War, Wisdom and Crafts, after whom it
    was named. The mark was designed for use as
    part of the palladium hallmark shown here.